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Need to know how to improve your IELTS writing score? Get Better English can help you to reach the IELTS score that you need. Many test takers don’t get the score they deserve because they haven’t prepared for the test in the best way. Just doing test after test won’t improve your score!

Students learn best when working one-to-one with a teacher in a classroom. Get Better English gives you the same experience but entirely online. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, it will feel like being a room with your teacher.

Communicating is easy via Skype or Google Hangouts. And just like a classroom there’s a whiteboard for the teacher and student to write on. Every lesson is recorded and shared with you, so you can watch and listen back.

Get Better English works individually with students to find out exactly what their needs are. Everyone has different weaknesses and strengths, and it’s these individual weaknesses that mean you don’t get the IELTS score that you need. No course or textbook can ever be exactly suited to what you need, and only a dedicated teacher can give the exact feedback that you need to improve.

Lessons, practice exercises, and reading material are assigned to you individually to give the help that you require. The course begins with a practice IELTS test that is carefully analyzed to identify where you need help, and future lessons are planned to meet those needs.

Feedback on speaking and writing is at the heart of Get Better English. All feedback on writing and speaking is matched to the needs of the exam, so you know that by correcting these mistakes you will improve your score on this part of the test. Future lessons will be designed to help you correct mistakes.

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